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Antipasti / Appetizer

Beef Tartare with Sweet Potato Cream, Quail Egg and Truffle Stracciatella

Slow Cooked Salmon with Tuna and Capers

Double Cooked Octopus, Potato Cream, Mayonnaise and Crispy Rice

Fresh Burrata with Brunoise Heirloom Tomato and Pistachio

Deep-fried Prawns, Calamari, Carrots, Zucchini, and White Radish

Baked Egg Plant with Tomato sauce & Parmesan Cheese

Mixed Italian Cold Cuts and Cheese


Fresh Rocket Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Parmesan Cheese

Fresh Mesclun Greens and Seasonal Salad, with Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil, Onions, Olives and Cherry Tomato


Chickpeas Soup and Porcini Mushroom

Authentic Italian Seafood Soup, Crunchy Garlic, and Lemon Bread Croutons

Pasta & Risotti


Duck Ravioli, Pumpkin Cream, Gorgonzola Sauce and Kale


Spaghetti, Fresh Clams, and Lemon Zest

Signature Homemade Potato Gnocco, Cherry Tomatoes and Stracciatella Cheese Bufalo

Artisan Rigattoni, Cured Beef Pancetta, Pecorino Romano

Fresh Casareccia Pasta with Octopus Ragout

Fresh Tonnarello Pasta, Pecorino Cheese and Black Pepper with Parmesan Foam

Fresh Egg Tagliatelle Pasta with Chicken, Porcini Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese

Linguine Pasta with Mixed Seafood and Cherry Tomatoes

Bucatini Pasta with Cured Beef Panceta, Tomato Sauce and Pecorino Romano

Spaghetti Pasta with Beef Ragout with Parmesan Foam

Fresh Stuffed Pasta with Gorgonzola, Pumpkin Cream and Fried Mushroom


Tomato Polpa, Buffallo mozzarella and fresh basil

Tomato Polpa, fresh Buratta, cherry Tomato, fresh basil

Tomato Polpa, mix seafood, smoked salmon, bocconcini mozzarella di bufala

Tomato Polpa, Bresaola, parmigiano grana Padano, Rocket salad, cherry tomato and Olio Lemon Grass

Tomato Polpa, Red Onion, olives, mozzarella and spianata spicy salami

Mozzarella, olives, smoked bacon, sundried tomato and pecorino romano

Mozzarella, Buffallo Ricotta, Mushroom porcini and truffle oil

Secondi / Main Course

Seabass with Mediterranean Sauce Baked in Foil

Salmon with Leeks and Potato Cream with Fennel and Orange Salad


Black Cod with Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and Porcini Ragout

Roast Grain Fed Tenderloin of Beef, Porcini Mushroom and Mashed Potatoes


“Wagyu” Beef Ribeye Tagliata, with Rocket Leaves, Cherry Tomato and Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Sous Vide Chicken, Tomatoes Sauce, Olives,Capers and Rosemary

Contorni / Side dish

Roasted Baby Potatoes

Sauteed Fresh Spinach

Mashed Potaoes


Dolci / Desserts

Panna Cotta with Strawberry Puree and Mixed Berries

Three Rum Sponge cake with Vanilla Chantilly

Classic Italian Tiramisu



Italian Digestive

All prices are in UAE Dirhams inclusive of 10% service charge, 7% municipality fee and 5% VAT